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Selected Poster Presentations
Wednesday July 13, 2011
Linday Paresky Center

Karen Anderson, Mid Sweden University, “Information management benchmarking In Swedish organizations.” (pdf)

Heather Barnes, UNC, Chapel Hill, “Preserving film festival records: A pilot study.” (pdf)

Joel Blanco-Rivera, University of Pittsburgh, “The impact of U.S. declassified documents in Latin America’s transitions.” (pdf)

Sarah Buchanan, UCLA, “Community-based archives and education: Teaching outside of the (Hollinger) box.” (pdf)

Andre Carter, UCLA, and Kim Anderson, UCLA/UW–Milwaukee, “Tattoo as record: A corporeal view of archival theory.” (pdf)

Patricia Condon, Simmons College, “Collective memory and placeblogging: Sense of place in New Hampshire blogs.” (pdf)

Brian Cumer, University of Pittsburgh, “Records in archaeological research: A historical case study examining the mandates of change in archaeological recordkeeping in the United States.” (pdf)

Morgan Daniels, University of Michigan, “Research uses of museum collections: From object, to data, to knowledge.” (pdf)

Devan Ray Donaldson and Kathleen Fear, University of Michigan, “Provenance, end-user trust and reuse: An empirical investigation.” (pdf)

Leisa Gibbons, Monash University, “Engaging complexity: Researching social media as cultural heritage in the continuum.” (pdf)

Dalena Hunter, UCLA, “Ethnographic archives: Diversifying the historical record using ethnographic research data.” (pdf)

Noah Lenstra, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “eBlack Illinois: Cultural heritage cyberinfrastructure.” (pdf)

Lindsay Kistler Mattock, University of Pittsburgh, “Remembering, forgetting, and reimagining: Pittsburgh film at the archival crossroads.” (pdf)

Angela Murillo and Ayoung Yoon, UNC, Chapel Hill.

April Norris, University of Texas at Austin, “Practice and implications of digital forensics in an archival setting.”

Alexander Poole, UNC, Chapel Hill, “Theseus in the Labyrinth: Ethics and digital curation.”

George Royer, University of Texas at Austin, “Documenting game modification: Capturing context in new media development.” (pdf)

Heather Soyka, University of Pittsburgh, “Letters from war: Examining the Legacy Project and the use of personal war records in national memory.”

Tonia Sutherland, University of Pittsburgh, “Hallow this ground: Documenting and preserving reenactment as intangible cultural heritage.” (pdf)

Eliot Wilczek, Simmons College, “An information system for measuring counterinsurgency progress: The Hamlet Evaluation System in the Vietnam War.”

Eunha Youn, UCLA, “Confucianism and archival tradition in Korea.”

Hong Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Understanding personal information organization in computer folders.” (pdf)